About Happiness Upgrade Press

Happiness Upgrade Press was founded in 2021 by Gabrielle Lichterman, a longtime health and personal finance journalist and award-winning author.

This small independent press publishes books that span a variety of topics, including health and wellness, personal finance and educational entertainment.

The Happiness Upgrade Press mission is to share useful, life-improving information that can be easily integrated into readers’ lives and has an immediate positive impact.

The DIY Résumé and Cover Letter Kit (2021) was the first book published by Happiness Upgrade Press.

Written in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that led to sudden job losses, cut hours and dramatic shifts in career paths, Gabrielle wanted to help job seekers quickly find their next position. The DIY Résumé and Cover Letter Kit taps into Gabrielle’s many years as a personal finance columnist reporting on trends in résumés, cover letters and job seeking technology, as well as her over two decades of writing résumés and cover letters for a wide span of professionals.

The newest title from this indie press, The Happiness Upgrade: One Small Step Up to a Happier Life, was published March 2022.

This self-help nonfiction guide introduces readers to a simple method to lift their mood. It also provides a 52-week journal to track the reader’s progress when using this technique along with 52 study-backed mood boosters.

The Happiness Upgrade is the first in a new series of self-help health books. Subsequent “Upgrade” books will help readers with other aspects of their health and well-being, including sleep and energy.