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DIY Résumé and Cover Letter Kit: Everything You Need to Create a Professional-Quality Résumé and Cover Letter

by Gabrielle Lichterman

DIY Resume and Cover Letter Kit by Gabrielle Lichterman

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Ready to create your own professional-quality résumé and cover letter?

Put away your wallet because you don’t need to spend a bundle hiring someone to write your résumé and cover letter to land your next job. You can write a professional-quality résumé and cover letter yourself—really!

The DIY Résumé and Cover Letter Kit makes it easy to create a job-landing résumé and cover letter yourself. That’s because you get this fully comprehensive package of tools:

  • The DIY guide that includes simple step-by-step instructions—with each section broken down into bite-sized, manageable chunks
  • Free editable, preformatted Microsoft Word résumé and cover letter templates—just download, then plug in your text as you follow each step
  • Insider tips and tricks you won’t find anywhere else—from a longtime résumé and cover letter pro

Bonus: You also get 3 free guides that…

  • Share 5 steps to turning your social media accounts into job magnets
  • Reveal 5 ways other than Indeed.com to find job openings
  • Give you 5 questions to ask that impress hiring managers on job interviews

About the Author

Gabrielle Lichterman has written a weekly personal finance column for Woman’s World magazine for more than a decade, reporting extensively on trends in résumés, cover letters, interviews and hiring practices, novel ways to update career skills and emerging job-seeking technology. She’s also written résumés and cover letters for a wide span of professionals (including corporate executives, healthcare providers, teachers and members of the media) for more than two decades.

Gabrielle wrote the DIY Résumé and Cover Letter Kit in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that led to sudden job losses, cut hours and dramatic shifts in career paths. Her goal was to help job seekers quickly find their next position without having to spend a bundle.